Learning To Relax

As I mentioned in my last post, I have just had a month of second year exams, which have been pretty stressful and for the time being, despite worrying about results, it’s very good to say that they are over. In the months leading up to the exams, I’ve been in the routine of revising every day, apart from the occasional morning or afternoon off, so when it came to the end, it was actually pretty strange.

Now, I am someone who does really like routine, that’s not the same for everyone I know. But I like to keep busy, and often feel quite lost when I feel as though I have nothing to do with my day. So I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing to teach myself to relax.

  • Get out and explore – although my uni house and home are very chilled places for me, getting out for a walk or a run (more on why I love couch to 5K in another post) has been really good. The beautiful weather over the last couple of weeks has definitely helped and through exploring, I’ve found a pretty good route for the time being!
  • Tick off the bucket list – no matter where you live, there has to be something that you’ve been meaning to do but never got around to doing. I had a few places that I wanted to explore in Birmingham before heading home for the summer and so to tick off the bucket list so far, I’ve had a fab Friday night at Digbeth Dining Club and a chilled Sunday afternoon in Winterbourne House and Gardens.
  • Find a new focus – with exams and deadlines, your mind is going to be focused on when your next exam/deadline is and what you have to do before then. Whereas, once that focus is taken away, it can be quite easy to slump into negative thoughts. So by channelling my focus elsewhere, whether that be into a sport, into writing, into a new TV show (Would definitely recommend giving The Split on BBC1 a watch!), can be a really relaxing focus for your mind.

So, those are three ways which I’ve found helpful to ease me into a more relaxed routine, of course after the post-exams Netflix binge!


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