Europe Travel Guide: Prague

Next up in my travel guide series is Prague! This was definitely my favourite city of the trip, mainly due to how gorgeous the old town is. Our hostel was really close to the old town, the castle and Charles Bridge, so we were never far from a pretty building!

Once we’d checked in and sorted dinner at the hostel, it was time to explore. Evening walks were my favourite during our interail trip as it is a great way to get our bearings and sight-see as typically it was quieter and a chilled way to get to know the city. We ventured into the Old Town to see the Astronomical Clock Tower (unfortunately covered in scaffolding!) but there was a Bohemian Jazz Festival on that evening which was pretty cool! We then walked to Wenceslas Square and to the Jewish Quarter to see the synagogues and churches.


One of the main landmarks we visited that evening was the John Lennon wall as it was fairly close and a tick off the sightseeing list. It’s really interesting how creative the wall is as we watched new additions to the wall take place, wishing we’d brought something with us so that we could add to it too!


For our first full day, we visited Prague Castle, which had stunning views of the city and is well worth a visit! The walk up to the castle is steep, but there are lots of interesting shops to pop into for a quick rest! The castle complex is pretty big and there are plenty of courtyards and gardens to wander through for free, we ended up spending quite a few hours in the complex as there is so much to see building wise.BFJX6659We continued our walking tour to the other side of the river, crossing Charles Bridge and explored the New Town before the rain hit! As we were close to the Dancing House at this point, which is an interesting piece of architecture, we headed up to their top floor restaurant for the views of the city, a coffee and mainly to keep dry!


In the evening, once we had dinner at the hostel, we treated ourselves to a ‘Trdelnik’ as we walked past so many shops that sold them and they are incredible! These are typically a sweet pastry, a trademark of Czech Republic and completely delicious so don’t skip getting one!! Drinks wise, we headed to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery for quite a few aperol spritz’s and enjoyed the nightlife that Prague had to offer, as on pretty much every corner there is a lively restaurant or bar.

We’d been told that the Petrin Lookout Tower had the best views of Prague so decided to check that out on our second day. We used the Funicular Railway to get to the top of the hill as it only cost 24 Czech Koruna (about 80p!) and saved our energy for climbing the steps in the Petrin Lookout Tower, where the views definitely didn’t disappoint. I am not great with heights, but the views were worth it once you got to the top!


The tower’s design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and has the same altitude as the Eiffel Tower, with visitors climbing about 300 steps to get to the top! It is surrounded by landscaped gardens which are really nice to wander around and we walked back down the hill through the woodland areas.

As it was our last night and a very important world cup game (England vs Croatia), we headed back to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in the evening as we had seen the night before that they were definitely showing the game! It was a win-win situation as we were able to experience traditional Czech cuisine, whilst having a good spot to watch the game. 

Spending three nights in Prague meant that we had a nice amount of time to explore the city and vaguely learnt our way around the city! The architecture, history, food and nightlife means this city could easily be a favourite for anyone, it is definitely worth a trip.




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