Europe Travel Guide: Vienna

Pretty much half way with my Europe Travel Guides now and Vienna is definitely a city I can write about. It is a breathtaking city, rich in history and music, full of palaces and museums, giving visitors plenty to explore.

Aligning with our interail budget, we stayed in Do Step Inn Central Hostel, which was perfectly close to the train station to avoid carrying our rucksacks for too long but it was about a 20 minute walk into the centre of Vienna. The hostel had a really good kitchen which we took the opportunity to cook in both nights to save money!

After dinner, we ventured on an evening walk, pausing to see the Opera House on the way into the centre as its exterior design is stunning. The next main landmark visited was St Stephen’s Cathedral, which is honestly the most beautiful cathedral I have seen. The cathedral is known for its intricately tiled roof, standing out in the centre of the city, but as we entered inside the cathedral, it was definitely a ‘wow’ moment. The architecture was stunning, the organ sounded beautiful, creating an incredible atmosphere within the Cathedral.IMG_2938As Hofburg Palace was fairly close, we headed up to explore and found plenty of horse and carriages in the streets surrounding the palace.

It is one of the biggest palace complexes in the world and is now home to the Spanish Riding School and numerous museums. Across the road from the Hofburg Palace, there is also MuseumsQuartier so you will not be short of museums to visit in this area of the city!

We continued our Palace tour the next morning by visiting the Schönbrunn Palaces, as it is considered Austria’s most significant cultural monument and it definitely didn’t disappoint!IMG_3003Although, there are plenty of exhibits to see inside the palace, the gardens are outstanding and by walking down Great Parterre and around Crown Prince Garden, you can admire the palace from pretty much every angle!

At the end of Great Parterre, there is the Neptune Fountain, which is stunning and symbolises monarchs controlling the destiny of their nations.3cbf9837-ef8d-4350-a8ff-5a3c14021621-e1534168377269.jpg The gardens continue up to the Gloriette, where the views of the palace and the city are breathtaking (and a perfect spot for a picnic!!)img_3015.jpg

As there are so many museums based in Vienna, it would be rude not to visit one! We picked the Sigmund Freud Museum as it is based in his original apartment, which is pretty cool to say we’ve been into. There is lots of information in this museum, which was slightly overwhelming, but it was very interesting to read into parts of his work that I hadn’t realised.

After a pretty busy day, it was definitely pit-stop time and as Vienna coffeehouses are an important part of the culture, we visited Cafe Central, nearby to the Sigmund Freud Museum and he was a regular visitor! The cafe had a very classic feel to it, the interior stunning and coffee delicious – it’s worth it for the price!

As we had a few hours before our train the next morning, we visited Belvedere Palace as it was a close landmark to visit and it was a good find, especially as we had our big rucksacks with us! The gardens and fountains are well-maintained so its lovely to walk around or sit and admire the architecture. There is an art exhibition inside the palace, which unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit, but the reviews are very good so it may be worth checking out!


There is plenty to see and do in Vienna, especially if you visit every museum, but it is such a beautiful city with a classic vibe, packed with history. This has been quite a lengthy post, so hopefully gives a good idea of how you can see lots of Vienna in a short space of time!

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