The ‘In-Between’ Size

Okay, so lets talk clothing sizes. Although I fit into clothes sizes that high street brands typically stock, I’ve always found that I’m never just ‘one’ size. One size is always slightly too big, the other is too small and on my last shopping trip, I brought four items of clothing in four different sizes! For a while, it did bother me as I’d take multiple sizes into the changing room, feel like I’m spending hours in there and still not be sure which size is fitting quite right.


Although it’s taking time with my own body confidence, I am definitely here for the #AverageGirlSize movement that I have began to see from my favourite people on Instagram and that in turn, has lifted my own confidence.

Figuring out your own style can help massively in terms of confidence, and this has taken some time too! There are many types of clothes that I thought I could never wear, but it is how you make them work for you. I’m more likely to wear a bigger top with shorts to feel more confident, or to wear floaty trousers instead of shorts in the summer.


Personally, I think it’s difficult if you are feeling insecure to accept your size, when there is no representation. Being an ‘in-between’ size, I have found this is often the case and online shopping tricky as the items I buy, will obviously not look the same on my body type as they do on the pictures of the model. So, my orders normally end up being a few items in multiple sizes, feeling disappointed when they don’t look right, resulting in time spent in the Post Office returns queue!

But, the fashion industry is changing and that’s incredible. The game-changer for me on my last shopping trip was Topshop jeans as I could buy my exact waist size. ASOS are leading the crowd online by using untouched photos of models for their swimwear and beginning to show what the same clothes look like on different sized models, which is the start of the representation for all sizes that will hopefully continue to thrive!

Body positivity is something that really needs to be encouraged, especially in an age of social media comparisons. Rather than nit-picking the negative parts of our bodies, we should be embracing the positives and wearing what we want to with pride!




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