Europe Travel Guide: Budapest

Budapest was one of the first places on our interail list, a city that has always intrigued me. The old mixes in with the new, throughout the city centre and there are plenty of experiences not to be missed when visiting the city.

Our first evening was spent exploring the Pest side of the Danube river, as we strolled down to the Hungarian Parliament Building. With a gorgeous sunset, I would definitely recommend doing an evening to get your bearings with the city. There is incredible views of Buda Castle from this side of the river and you will be able to see the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ monument, which is incredibly moving as a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives during the shooting in 1944.


The Hungarian Parliament Building is situated right along the riverside and is very impressive, mainly as it is the world’s third largest parliament building, but the lighting enables the architecture to be admired at any time of day!


Visiting one of Budapest’s thermal spas was at the top of my bucket list for the city so I made sure that we definitely visited one! After a bit of research, we decided to visit the Lukacs Baths, which is believed to have the most effective water in Budapest. My hands had actually been really dry during our interail trip and after spending time in the thermal spas, it was like they were transformed! Lukacs Bath is really reasonable, about 7 euros for a three hour student pass, and there’s plenty to explore, with outdoor whirl pools, saunas, ice rooms, plunge pools etc, all with the historical feel to it.

Once we’d had a few hours relaxing, climbing the Buda Hills were next on our itinerary, which was quite the opposite of relaxing! I may have complained a little bit, but the views at the top made the climb was worth it! Buda Castle was next on the list and using the funicular railway to get to the top is a very good idea, especially if you’ve walked the Buda Hills in the same day! The castle grounds have plenty to explore and before we knew it, we’d spent about four hours wandering round!

In terms of food, one place I knew I had to visit in Budapest was the Hummus Bar. For every hummus lover alike, it is the place to go! We both tried the falafel bowl but the options that you can have with the hummus are endless. With a huge stack of pittas, you can’t really go wrong!


Drinks wise, Budapest is well-known for its selection of ruin bars and it would have been rude not to visit one or two really! Puder Barszinhaz  is fairly central in the city (and close to one of the Hummus Bar resturants!) and very good for cocktails as well as offering the cheapest aperol spritz we had during the trip.

And there you have it, our short but sweet trip to Budapest came to a close. It is an incredible city to visit and completely enthralling,

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