Europe Travel Guide: Lake Bled

Now, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and I’ll apologise for that! It will probably be something I’ll touch on in a later blog post, but sometimes life throws something at you and it takes a bit of time to bring yourself back from it.

I’m really trying to focus on the good times to get me through, and thought it would be a perfect time to write about my favourite part of the trip!

We had only planned a day to explore, as we were staying in Ljubljana which was perfect to see more of Slovenia but seriously regretting not spending longer at Lake Bled!!

Lake Bled is completely and utterly stunning and so worth a visit, whatever holiday you are planning. We caught an early train from Ljubljana to Lake Bled and train journey’s in Slovenia definitely did not disappoint with the views! With a journey time of about 40 minutes, it wasn’t long before we were transported into the fairy-tale land! There’s a short bus you can catch from the train station which will take you down to Lake Bled as the walk would take about an hour.

Arriving at Lake Bled was breathtaking, the views are incredible and complimented by an amazing violinist playing alongside the lake. Although I was desperate to jump in the lake right away, we decided to follow the path around the perimeter of the lake first and I would definitely recommend this as you are able to see every aspect of the lake from different angles.


Swimming wise, the lake is pretty much your oyster if you are a confident swimmer. We found a pontoon to sunbathe on, which was also great for jumping off into the lake! The water is so clear and beautiful to swim in, but with opportunities to do paddle-boarding, rowing, water-sports, the list is endless with things to do.

If you prefer to swim with a lifeguard around, there are ‘swimming pools’ sectioned off as an area with sun beds, music etc, but you pay to go into that area.

In terms of food and drink, we just took a picnic to have by the lake but on the walk round, there was a cafe signposted as the best views in Bled. You can’t go wrong with good views and a good coffee and the Bled Cream cake which was definitely bigger than we expected!

I really can’t recommend visiting Lake Bled enough, it’s the most stunning location and although it does get busy and you have to pay a euro to use the toilets, it is definitely worth it as it feels like you’ve escaped to a fairytale land. It was definitely one of the best days of my life and as there’s so much more of Slovenia to explore, hopefully one day I’ll be back!

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