Plastic Free July

So, as July comes to a close, I thought I would reflect on #plasticfreejuly – a challenge set up to encourage as many of us to switch to more sustainable choices. I try to be as sustainable as possible, but we can’t be 100% perfect. I’ve definitely realised that more this month with plastic ‘fails’!

The main ways that I reduced plastic:

  • Chillys water bottle – this has been my staple, typically used for water, but it was perfect when i needed a coffee fix as it keeps hot drinks warm for 12 hours too!
  • Shampoo bars/soap bar – I made more of a conscious effort to use my shampoo bar this month, as well as using soap. I’ve got containers for them in a shower now, which is less messy & can already tell that the soap will last longer than a bottle of shower gel. I did have to buy some shampoo/conditioner when visiting Birmingham, and went for the Body Shop as they will recycle the containers that you use when you take them back to store!
  • Reusable cotton wool pads/muslin cloths – I’ve completely cut out make-up wipes/cotton pads in my skincare routine. Using cleanser & a cloth seems to have improved my skin recently, so I’d say it’s a good way to go!
  • Metal Straws – I was recently given these as a present & although I don’t tend to use straws that often, they are great alternative to plastic straws in smoothies! I have found that I’ve been able to avoid plastic straws pretty much all this month as the places I’ve been too were all using paper straws!
  • Purchasing less – The only online order this month was from Organic Basics, which arrived in paper bags! Any other shopping, I did on the high street, using reusable bags as much as possible.

Where I struggled:

  • Plastic bags – I forgot a reusable bag when moving into my uni house for a few days, but I have saved the plastic bags I brought to planning on making sure I reuse them!
  • Food – when I’m at home, the fruit & veg we buy is loose at the local veg shop, but when I was back at uni for a few days, I found that wasn’t as easy when shopping at bigger supermarkets. Let alone the fact that crisps, chocolate, nuts, raisins etc are all packaged in plastic.

The changes I want to make:

  • Visit a zero waste shop – The Clean Kilo is set up in Birmingham and as I will need to stock up on uni cupboard essentials, I would like to head here to do so.
  • Always pack a reusable bag – this is a simple one, but I want to always have one in my bag & avoid buying one as much as possible!
  • Switch up my beauty routine – I have plenty of cleansers in plastic bottles from over the years & although I really like the Liz Earle cleansers, after looking at the Lush Cleanser bars, these are something I’d want to try. Also definitely need to buy a bamboo toothbrush!

So that’s how I found #plasticfreejuly. It was tricky, but I think it’s made me realise the changes that I do want to make & that should help me be plastic free all year round!

Did you attempt #plasticfreejuly? What changes/tips do you have?

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