August Bullet Journal

August is only the second month in my bullet journal, so I’m dipping my toes in the water in terms of design, creativity & pages I use. For July, I added pages as I went along, which I have now included into the August spread.
This month’s spread has also been inspired by Planner Fest (gifted ticket), where all stationary/planner lovers united for the day. There were talks, workshops & plenty of shops to browse. I loved the calligraphy workshop by Mellor and Rose and have attempted to put it into practice this month.

Full ticket holders received a gift bag, full of stationary from all the different stall holders, along with a Tombow pen. I’ve used this pen for the title page here, not quite mastering the calligraphy but trying to get the different between the down stroke & up stroke.

During PlannerFest, I realised how much I like stickers so I have used these a bit more throughout the August spread.

For the monthly planner, I’ve kept it simple with 6×6 squares for each day, using some stickers for the days of the week. I’ll fill it in with upcoming plans, but after chatting to people at PlannerFest, the idea of a memory page came about. So, I’ll fill the days in with what I’ve been up too & it’ll be a nice way to look back at the end of August.

The next page is blog-related. With a bit more free time this month, I’m trying to get into a blog posting schedule so will use these pages to plan my ideas & when they will be posted. I’ve created a ‘favourites’ box as well as if there is something that I’ve really enjoyed over the month then this could be inspiration for a future blog post!

The final two pages are trackers for myself. I added a ‘Books I’ve Read’ page at the end of July & found it really useful (mainly because I never keep up with my Good Reads account). I do love reading but tend to not always put time aside for it so this page will be a good way of making sure I reach the goal of 10 books a month, no matter how busy I am!

I’ve also included an exercise tracker, mainly because I’ve got a sponsored walk coming up in September, but also because it’s the satisfaction of seeing the exercise you do. Using my fit bit to see weekly exercise is really good but I thought noting down everything I’ve done this month will definitely be motivation for myself.

So that’s my August bullet journal all set up! I’m still a novice & keeping it fairly simple for the time-being, but would love to get more creative with the designs & pages I use.

How do you use your bullet journal? Do you have any design ideas for September?

Im x

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