August Round Up

I’m really not sure where another month has gone to be honest. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I started out the month knowing that I wanted to focus on creating as much as possible for TheImLife. And that I have done – there’s been a blog post twice a week over August & I’m pretty proud of that!!

Before, I had much more of a ‘sparadic’ posting schedule, but whilst I’m back at uni, I’ll be aiming for at least one post a week.

So August:

It started off pretty quiet, but looking back, it’s been a busy month. I knew I needed this month or so before going back to uni to just be spent recuperating myself. Although I had planned more sunbathing in the garden & the weather had other ideas, it’s been what I’ve needed.

The 10 Book Challenge: I’m a fairly quick reader & have always loved books, just taking time out to be immersed into the storyline is a good way of switching off for me. With a bit more time this month, I set myself the challenge of reading 10 books & recording them in my bullet journal.

For the upcoming months, I’ll tone down the challenge to 5 books a month. I’ll be posting regular book updates on Instagram if you would be interested!

My favourite read this month was definitely ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’, I love Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing style.

Exercise: This month, there’s been a lot of walking. At the start of September, I’m completing a 15 mile walk across all the bridges in London & due to living in the countryside, it’s a 3 mile walk to town when I can’t get a lift. My yearly gym membership at home has come to an end so I’m trying to work out what will be the best routine for me back at uni. I’ve fallen in love with Zumba classes & yes you can say what you want about that sentence but it’s true okay? I get to become a salsa dancer for an hour a week & that to me is living my best life.

Bullet Journalling: I’m still fairly new to the bullet journal concept, but I have been using it quite a bit this month. It’s been great for recording what I have done day to day as well as planning blog posts, sticking to the schedule!! It’s been really good for a month where I have had no real structure of work/uni etc & I think I’m hooked so don’t expect me to stop talking about it anytime soon haha!

Highlights of the Month

  • Tutbury Castle Outdoor Cinema – this was a bit of a last min plan but I’m so glad I went. We saw ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ which was really interesting & something a bit different to films I would normally watch. Top tip is to make sure you pack as many warm clothes/blankets as poss even if the weather is warm in the day!
  • Reading Festival – The line-up for all three days was incredible this year, but I had a Saturday day ticket. We pretty much spent the day moving from one stage to the bar, to the next stage & the bar on the way back. An expensive day but full worth it to see as much live music as we did!

Now to squeeze in a quick holiday to Scotland before September rolls around!

How has your August been?

Im x

5 thoughts on “August Round Up

  1. Ten books a month?! I can barely manage one a month at the moment hahaha. Fair play to you! It sounds like your August has been busy so far – mine’s been the same. Everything’s been happening this month – I’m so ready to get back to uni now though. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer


    1. I know it sounds a bit mad haha! I love reading & once I’m into the book, I’m very quick at reading it too. Definitely need the challenge to keep me going with reading as when I stop, it’s often months before I pick up a book again!! Glad to hear you’ve had a good August, I can’t wait to get back to uni either, only 3 weeks to go now! Im x


  2. The outdoor cinema sounds amazing!! So does Reading, I’ve always wanted to go! I’m going back to uni in September too so spent August having as much fun as possible before the hard work starts again hahaha xx


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