September Bullet Journal

So hello September! You’ve rolled around without me really noticing after spending last week away in Scotland. But I’m ready to get back to some sort of routine. Luckily, I’d planned ahead & had my September bullet journal mapped out ready to go once I’d returned from holiday, so let’s have a look at how I’m going to use it in September!

The pages I used in August are pretty much the same in September, as university term won’t start until right until the end of the month. I found the pages worked well throughout August for planning blog posts, tracking exercise etc. So we are still keeping it simple with the pages, but for October, I will be incorporating a weekly diary for lectures, seminars, deadlines etc.

But for September, there’s a bit more of an ‘autumnal’ theme for the title page & monthly calendar. Can we also please appreciate that my calligraphy has got *slightly* better?! I’ve included key dates at the bottom of the mini calendar as reminders.

I really like the way the title page looks, it sets the tone for the next season & Pinterest becomes your best friend when searching for bullet journal themes!!

Following on from the title page is the monthly spread. I’ve used 6×6 squares for each day of the month & used the theme colours to follow through the theme. I’ve used the space on the right hand side to write down my goals for the month. The two main goals for September are completing the sponsored walk next weekend & my ongoing book challenge, but as university starts next month, deadlines will most likely take up this section!!

The blog post ‘scheduler’ page is next up (as you can tell from the monthly spread pens on the other page!). This has been really vital over August & is one of the main reasons for using my bullet journal at the moment. The ‘ideas’ section works well for jotting down what I might wright about & once decided, it’s planned out on the ‘schedule’ section. Over September, I’m aiming for a post every Monday as you can see from my bullet points reminders!!

The final two pages are for tracking after trialling the pages in August, I found it was a good way of recognising what I had done. Personally, I can get a bit demotivated with exercise & I’ve found that it’s good to keep track to look back at what I’ve done over a month.

I’ve recently set myself a ‘book challenge’ to throw myself back into reading again. I’ve always loved reading & it’s definitely good to get myself immersed in a good book, taking time away from phone/laptop etc. Keeping track worked well over August & meant I achieved my target of 10 books! (I know it might sound a bit mad but promise i’m a quick read & not making it up). For the rest of the year, I will have less time than I have had in August so the aim is 5 books a month from now on. The plan for September is to write a few thoughts about each book, so I can actually start to update my Good Reads account!

The To-Read section should help me keeping the ball rolling & I’m always open to book recommendations so please let me know!

And there we have it! Still a very simple design for this month, but next should be more student/work focused.

What do you use your bullet journal for?

Im x

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3 thoughts on “September Bullet Journal

  1. Great bullet journal layout! I had a bullet journal last year but decided to switch to a regular planner for this school year… I definitely do miss how creative bullet journals are, so keep up the good work! 🙂
    Jenna ♥
    Follow me back? Life of an Earth Muffin


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