The 5 Books You Need to Read

I did a fair bit of reading in August & my amazon kindle played a huge part in this. I was basically carrying a library of books in my bag for any spare moments whether I was on the bus, in a coffee shop, you name it – you probably would have found me glued to my kindle.

As I become enthralled into the story, reading is a form of escapism for me. But previously I haven’t put enough time aside to read. Lo & behold my new monthly reading ‘challenge’ & here are my top five reads from August.

Sally Rooney – Normal People

As a New York Times Bestseller, I was very excited to read this one & I wasn’t disappointed. I raced through this book, mainly eager to find out if the two main characters Marianne & Connell would ever properly get together (no spoilers don’t worry). The book follows the two of them, how they are intertwined, drift apart & come back together again. Through the ups & downs to be young & in love, showing the complications & frustrations with being ‘normal people’.

Elizabeth Gilbert – City of Girls

This book is fabulous ‘coming of age’ story, narrated by an older Vivian Morris who reflects on her life whilst writing to a younger woman ‘Angela’. Vivian is a captivating character with a huge energy for life & what she can conquer, and this is complimented with all of the characters within her life that live to the fullest in New York City. Elizabeth Gilbert put so much detail into pre, during & post wartime in America which was incredibly interesting to follow alongside Vivian’s story.

Taylor Jenkins Reid – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I LOVED THIS. Taylor Jenkins Reid is an incredible author, I was well & truly immersed into this story. The story line follows Monique Grant, a journalist trying to make her mark on the world & Evelyn Hugo, a famous Hollywood actress who is renowned by the world for having seven husbands. Evelyn demands that Monique is the journalist to tell her story & from then onwards, we learn the story of Evelyn Hugo, as well as spending the entire book guessing why Monique is wanted to write for Evelyn. It’s a story that is addicting, enthralling & empowering, as we learn that Evelyn only has one true love, her wife & due to societal norms, it had to stay hidden. I’ll leave you guessing for the rest of the story line.

Taylor Jenkins Reid – After I Do

After reading Evelyn Hugo, I knew the next one had to be another Taylor Jenkins Reid. This one was a beautiful, refreshing story. Focusing on the two main characters, Lauren & Ryan, who trial separation for a year after feeling as though they have fallen out of love. As the story is raw & genuine, I found that you really care about the two characters, both individually during their time apart & together.

Tayari Jones – An American Marriage

I’d heard so much about this book & knew it had to be on my ‘to-read’ list. I won’t say that I loved this book, because I didn’t really. But the story is incredibly thought-provoking & it most definitely worth a read. The majority of the story focuses on the love triangle between Roy, Celestial, and Celestial’s childhood friend, Andre. Roy & Celestial have only been married a year before Roy is arrested & sentenced for 12 years. When reading, I felt the pain & emotions of all three characters, rooting for them to overcome the unfortunate situation.

Have you read any of these books? What were your thoughts? Chat to me in the comments!

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