How to Decorate Your Uni Bedroom

One of the main parts of settling into uni is getting your room sorted, it doesn’t matter what year you are going into! This year I’ve moved into a house where luckily there is already furniture in the room so my main aim has been to add the touches to make it feel more homely.

I’ve had the same bedding since first year, luckily picked grey & light blue so it has fitted with every room I’ve been in! A blanket matching your bedding is obviously an essential too!

Decorating the Walls

Most likely, the walls are just white/cream & there may be a few marks from the previous tenant so the Free Prints app will be your best friend here, as you can print every photo on your phone/Instagram/Facebook & have them delivered. I’ve tried not to go overboard with photos this year & instead have included prints from Desenio, postcards from Paperchase & this gorgeous ‘Strength’ print from Lena’s shop.


This uni room includes a HUGE bookshelf, so obviously I had to go buy some more books to fill it right? I was a little daunted as to how I was going to make it look ‘full’. So I’ve kept the top shelf for books (either fiction or uni books from previous years) the second shelf for ‘decoration’ using a light box & picture frames, the third & fourth shelf for current uni stuff (books, folders, important docs etc) & the final shelf is a mini shoe rack!


One of the best ways to make a room look more ‘homely’ is to use cute pots, whether that’s for makeup brushes, pens etc. I’ve made the most of the draw space using storage boxes to separate the items.

Desk Set-Up

Definitely an important one! My desk this year is a huge table so I’ve made the end more ‘desk’ space & kept the bit closer to my bed as ‘table’ space.

The essential here is the cute notebooks & pen pot right?

That’s all that I have done so far, but I’m sure over the year, it will evolve as I can’t resist shopping for home bits & pieces!

How have you set up your uni room?

Im x

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3 thoughts on “How to Decorate Your Uni Bedroom

  1. I love what you’ve done with your new space! I’ve just moved into a rented house from uni accommodation and finding storage has been a true nightmare – I never realised how much junk I’d accumulated over the past year. Crazy! Love the fair light details too – I’m tempted to get some myself. xx
    El //

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