New Year, New Pressure?

It feels like January has been a year, but we’ve reached the end of the last 31 days. It’s a tricky time of year in my opinion, the novelty of a new year can wear off pretty quickly, its cold, we’re back at work/uni/school, and we now have a name for the day claimed to be the most depressing day of the year; Blue Monday.

This year, by entering the new decade, there was plenty of time to reflect, upon the previous decade and what is to come in the next. There are some big goals for me to achieve this year (the end of my degree is in sight – scary right??), so I set myself some self-care goals (which you can read about here) to keep track of how I’m looking after myself in everyday life. Yoga I’ve done well with, using the 30 day challenge on ‘Yoga With Adrienne’ You Tube channel, but with reading and journal reflections, they have become less of a priority and something I want to get back on track with.

The thing is January can be seen the prime time for setting goals as we enter a new year, but are we adding extra pressure to ourselves to achieve goals?

I asked a few questions on instagram surrounding goals, pressure and achievements, and 62% of you set goals for January as a focus, for motivation, especially when things may seem a bit up in the air. Whereas 38% of you didn’t set goals, feeling that they can add extra pressure to our lives. I can understand both sides, because although I do like to focus myself on goals, I get a sense of failure when I miss the mark with them.

As the new decade arrived, it did seem as though on social media everyone was setting out what they wanted to do for the next few years (myself included), to start the decade with a bang. Again, I love setting goals and after a tricky few years, I felt the time to reflect and set my self-care goals were the perfect way to move forward in 2020, closing the chapter on the ’10s. But it did seem like this time of year had extra pressure riding on it, and it appears that 67% of you felt the same.

So, lets focus on what we have set out for the year, big or small, celebrating every achievement in store for you, and the close people around you. It seems miles away, but I guess the simple question is – What do you want to be reflecting on by the end of 2020? Who and what do you want to be giving your time to over the year?

Let’s see what the rest of 2020 has to bring!

Im x

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