The Best Food & Drink Spots in Birmingham

I’ve spent many of my student days in the city of Birmingham, the city that has become my second home, & I’ve learnt over time that Brum has plenty to offer, especially food & drink wise!


No.1: Digbeth Dining Club – it’s pretty well known now, but Digbeth Dining caters for all with street vendors offering a huge range of different types of food. Last time I visited, I had the Halloumi Pitta (from the Greek stand) and Ferreor Rocher Waffle & it was incredible. Friday & Saturdays are typically really busy, so I would recommend going earlier in the day to get a table if you plan on staying throughout the evening. With live music/DJs in the different venues, it’s definitely a great night!

No.2: Pitcher & Piano – yes this is a chain, but being located right on Birmingham’s canal network, makes this one a winner in my book. The menu is always reasonably priced, catering for veggie & vegan (would definitely recommend the halloumi burger or mixed bean quesadillas). If you sign up to the newsletter, it’s very regular to get drinks offers!

No.3 Cherry Reds – this is an independent bar only a stones throw from Birmingham New Street and I’ve only visited for breakfast before, but it’s one that I keep telling myself I need to go back to! There is plenty to choose from, with lots of veggie & vegan options, so whatever time of the day you can’t go wrong!

No.4 Leverton & Halls – if you’re looking for somewhere a bit outside the city centre, Leverton & Halls is located in Bourneville. Veggie breakfast is great here too (are we sensing a theme yet?), and it’s a really cute deli and locally sourced ingredients are in the heart of this place!


Coffee deserves it’s own category really, because there is so many to choose from. I’ve narrowed it down to two of my favourites, which are Yorks Bakery, again just a stones throw away from Birmingham New Street and 200 Degrees, located near Birmingham Cathedral. Both have their own independent twist, but seem to be good for getting some work done! The interiors are really nice and have very relaxed atmospheres, which is perfect for getting your coffee fix!

Pubs wise, it is The British Oak in Stirchley for me. Further out of the City Centre, but it’s only a 10ish minute train ride to Bourneville station. The British Oak is a pretty iconic pub as a Grade II listed building, teamed with the great atmosphere, it’s great place for a catch up. Most Friday nights there is live music outside in the terraced area which never fails to disappoint, especially when you’ve got the outdoor heaters (or dancing) to keep you warm. The ‘Tiki’ bar is open some nights, so there is an extensive range of cocktails too!

And there you have it, a few food & drinks spots to check out in Birmingham if you haven’t already! I’m always open to recommendations though so let me know if there’s any places I should check out too!

My Love for Me.You.A Diary

Right, are you ready for a post that goes on and on about how in love I am with this book and the concept?

I hope so because that’s what you’re getting today!

It’s fair to say that I’ve had a challenging few months, both mentally and emotionally so I’ve been discovering newer ways to try to lead a more positive outlook on my life. This weekend was incredibly positive, it was my 20th birthday and I celebrated with family and friends and more to the point of this blog post, received this book as a gift.


Dawn French has written an incredible non-fiction book which becomes personalised by you as you connect and interact with the places in the journal for you to continue Dawn’s lists, thoughts and vents. I’ve always had a love for reading and writing, one of the reasons why I started my blog, but I have never kept a journal, my writing at younger ages was more short stories with imaginative plots. This book has given me the perfect excuse to read and write at the same time.

Each month begins with a section to read through how Dawn feels towards the month but with a theme or focus running throughout and I personally find it inspiring to read. February’s focus is on her body as she goes through each part, expanding on how she feels, positively and negatively, like describing her hands as “stumpy” before taking the wider perspective and listing what she has done with her hands that matters most to her. This is one of the aspects I think are most important about this book, it shows the reality of how we can blur amazing parts of us with such negativity at times.


Typically, at the end of each month section, there’s an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve read and to personalise it yourself. This may be continuing a list started by Dawn or one for you to complete yourself, but it creates an interesting journal as I think effectively Dawn is asking you to share your thoughts and feelings towards that particular topic with her and the book.

After this, there are the pages for the days in the month and as they are unmarked, you can write whenever you want. I’m going to date every day that I write to create the proper journal feel for me, but the unmarked days make it completely up to you! Again, this is your book to personalise so writing what you want and when you want is the purpose! To begin my journey with this book, I’m going to write the positive and negative aspects of the days I choose, as a good way to reflect and to create memories to look back on.


I already know that the concept of this book will be very helpful for my mindset in the upcoming months, as a therapeutic half an hour writing and reflecting, a pep talk for the upcoming month and all in all my guide and self help book for focusing on becoming the best version of myself. If you’ve stuck with my ramble for the last 500 words, I’d very highly recommend it as I think you’ll love it as much as I do!