Setting Self-Care Goals for 2020

Creating goals for the new year might seem a little cliche, but I’m here for it. Has anyone mentioned that we are starting a new decade?

Time feels like it is going a million miles an hour at the moment and being in my final year at university, the obvious goals for 2020 will be completing my degree and hopefully securing a job for after graduation. Quite a lot of pressure seems to be riding on this year, right?

I do really like the idea of ‘starting afresh’, opening up the chapter to the new year and setting goals is one of the ways to get my thoughts in order. Thinking about the year ahead has made me realise that I need to make time for myself, so the goals for me this year will be more simplistic but hopefully easier to keep on top of.

Yoga once a week. I started 2019 going to weekly yoga classes but had about 2/3 months where I didn’t do any. That time made me realise how much I’d missed it, so getting back into yoga classes at university has been so good (and kept me sane!). The plan is to set aside time every week to do yoga, whether that’s a class, a YouTube video or a combination of my favourite moves.

Reflect and Journal as much as possible. I’m not setting a ‘measurable’ on this one but hopefully it’ll become a habit. This year I started using a bullet journal (you can read about my September bullet journal here) and it was set out in a way to manage blog posts/university/mental health. I want to do more of this in 2020 as I find the process of setting out my journal creative and by reflecting over time, this should help get my thoughts in order. I’ve also started working my way through Fearne Cotton’s Happy and Calm books which I’m finding really good so far!

Read 20 Books. 20 books for 2020 right? I’m a pretty quick reader when I want to be and give me a good fiction book, I’ll plough through it as quickly as possible when I’m hooked. I read 10 books over July and August but as soon as I settled back into University, my reading definitely took a back seat. Setting a yearly target (as inspired by TheAnnaEdit) will work through the ebbs and flows of my motivation for reading. I’ll keep track of this on my instagram if that is something you’re interested in!

Healthy Eating. A few years ago, I decided that I need to scrap the ‘new years diet’. Typically, I became frustrated that I couldn’t stay on track. Over the years, I’ve learnt more about intuitive eating (Tally Rye has really good info on this!) and being a vegetarian has made me feel better. I’ve got used to the recipes I make regularly now so 2020 will be the year of exploring more recipes that will be healthy and delicious!

That’s all from me for 2019! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break and are feeling ready for the New Year. What are your goals/resolutions for 2020? Let me know how you get on!

Im x

4 Tried and Tested Methods to Improve your Productivity over Christmas

I’m really not sure where the last university term has gone, it’s felt like a whirlwind. The conclusion that I’ve come to is that final year is a marathon, with sprints thrown in every so often. Not to mention the stress, it’s a constant weigh up of wanting to have fun and avoid stress but also not wanting to stress yourself out by having fun. And unfortunately, the January deadlines that seemed miles away at the start of October are now just around the corner. Fun, I know.

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How to be Eco-Friendly this Christmas

Over the last year or so, as consumers we’ve learnt more and more about the impact we are having on the environment. It might be a little too soon to be thinking about Christmas, but it seems like we’re flying through November, before you know it, it will be Christmas! I’m starting to get my planning mode on as I love this time of year, buying presents for friends and family. But as Christmas typically equals a large amount of consumerism, I’m going to incorporate some more eco-friendly ways of doing so and hopefully this will provide some inspiration to how you can do the same!

* some items in this post have been gifted but all opinions are my own, please see my disclaimer for more details*

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Counting down to Christmas

Now that we’re into December, the weeks are flying by. The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, but it means that those dark mornings and evenings are well and truly here too! If you’re anything like me, I tend to struggle with less daylight, especially now I’m working full time, typically not seeing much daylight between Monday to Friday. I find that the darker evenings just make me want to curl up and sleep as soon as I get home, making the things I love doing in the evenings (like blogging!) take a backseat. 

But there are definitely ways that we can make the most of this time of year and I’ve complied a little list of tips n tricks to get us through. 

Make the most of the daylight time you have…. now this one may not be a surprise, but it definitely is true. Daylight deprivation does exist and heading to work in the dark and heading back from work in the dark does limit our daylight intake. To be able to make the most of daylight is likely to fill your weekends more, which has acted as my motivator to get out & explore more even if the weather’s cold & rainy! A recent weekend in Lincoln actually had amazing weather, meaning we had plenty of time to explore the city, especially the Christmas decorations on Steep Hill and the Brayford Waterfront. 

Getting into the festivities… this one depends on how it suits you, you may enjoy the busy period in the lead up to Christmas, you may want to volunteer at a local charity or simply spend an evening decorating a Christmas tree, blaring the Christmas tunes. This year I allocated a Sunday afternoon to be spent putting up decorations around the house and it was the best way to put me into a Christmassy mood. 

Christmas chill time… the Christmas period can definitely be overwhelming so here I’m saying take your extra time in the morning to have a bit more of a skincare routine, light some candles and make it cosy in the evening, stop trying to be productive and watch all of these Netflix Christmas films. It is a great time of year to spend time with your loved ones, but sometimes you need that bit of space to recuperate. I find wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards actually really therapeutic and definitely spent a good evening just doing that!

These ways have helped me feel a bit better in the darker evenings as I’ve accepted that it’s okay for me to take a break on evening where I feel tired and lethargic, but to more make the most of the chilled periods instead of feeling down that I’m not achieving everything I want to, a cup of tea in bed or a visit to a cute coffee shop on the weekend always makes things better in my book! 

Hope you all have the best countdown to Christmas! x