The Summer to Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

So we’ve hit the point in August where everything is just really rainy & cold haven’t we? We’re still clinging onto the summer clothes in our wardrobe with the hope that it will eventually brighten up & the sunshine will return, but we need a jumper to be at the ready for when it’s freezing in the house because you’re DEFINITELY not putting the heating on during summer.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive fan of Autumn, I’m more of a Spring gal as the weather starts to brighten up. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine, but with constant interchangeable weather in the UK (especially the weird warm rain), what actually is best to wear?

Good Ole Pair of Boots

Most likely, your summer dresses & skirts are still in the wardrobe & don’t worry, you should be okay to keep them in there a bit longer, the sun could still make another appearance. But when it’s that drizzly rain weather, let’s get the boots out of the wardrobe & dust them off. I’ve got a similar pair of these Black Flat Boots from Debenhams (picked up in the spring sale!!) but have found a very similar style (& cheaper) at Topshop. You’ll be good to go as sandals aren’t quite made for puddles unfortunately.

The Go-To Jacket

I’m really late to the Leather Jacket party unfortunately, I’ve wanted one for ages but just not made the investment (student budget eh?) but I found this Leather Biker Jacket in Zara recently & for £50, I thought I’d go for it. After testing in the drizzly weather, it does actually seem to defect rain pretty well – you just need the umbrella combo to avoid wet hair!! Last year, this burgundy military jacket was the ‘go-to’ & I wore it SO much that I can’t wait to put it back into my wardrobe this year.

Basic Tees

These work solo for the warmer days, or as a layer for the days that appear cold & then get warm. We’ve all been there sweltering in a jumper just because the weather gave us the illusion that it was cold, or you’re somewhere that has whacked up the heating because it’s cold! Sustainable brands like Stay Wild Swim or Organic Basics are a good place to get those tees from, long lasting & kind to the planet means you’re sorted.

The Right Pair of Jeans

For me, it’s these Asos Mom Jeans that are the winners in my wardrobe at the moment. The high-waisted comfy style means you can dress up or dress down. Pair of converse & t-shirt or boots & jumper – along with your leather jacket staple, you’re covered whatever the weather really. It depends on what style of jean you like the most.

There you have it, hopefully these wardrobe essentials will have you covered until the colder weather hits.

Whats your favourite fashion season?

Im x

One Year On – ‘The Inbetween Size’

So, a year ago, I wrote a post called ‘The In-between size‘ this was talking about how I’ve found it difficult to judge sizing, whether that was trying clothes on in shops or online shopping. Let’s be honest, how many times have we liked an item, it didn’t quite fit, but it was too much effort to go get the next size & try it on again?

The reason why I’ve wanted to write a post like this again is because I went shopping the other day and tried on the same skirt in different colours but in the same size. Now will you believe me if I said one fitted & the other didn’t?! Even though it was the same skirt, the sizing was completely off.

Since writing the last blog post, I feel as though my mindset has shifted. That’s in a good way. Yes I still have moments of thinking ‘why do no clothes fit me?!’ as I can’t get the sizing or the style right, but it’s a learning curve & so this is what I’ve learnt over the last year:

  1. Wear Colour – this was always something I shied away from, I love a neutral colour but found I was always leaning towards black for when I wanted to feel comfortable & it is true that black jeans go with everything! A colour consultation has really helped here (just to note: colour consultations are expensive & I was very lucky to be gifted one but I will say that they are definitely worth the money). To know the colours that suit me best, means that I already feel better when wearing them, for example; as I have blue eyes, blue is one of the easiest colours for me to wear & one that I feel comfortable in. But it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I’ve realised that I can wear colours like greens & pinks more often.
Dress & Sandals – New Look

2. Try different styles – last year, I’d just discovered culottes (late to the party as always), but I was always unsure as to whether they’d suit me. I’ve expanded my collection over the year to a denim pair & a navy culotte jumpsuit, but will most definitely be on the lookout for more now the weather is getting warmer. Mom jeans is another style I didn’t think would suit me, but after giving them a go & realising how comfy they are, I’m sold.

3. Size is just a number – unfortunately, even though my mindset has shifted, I’ve only recently started to recognise this. But it’s the same as wearing styles that suit best, as they need to fit right too. By wearing the size that fits the best, hopefully prioritises comfort (we all want to sit down without jeans cutting into our waistband right?), but as well would help confidence, and that’s something I’m working on!

How have your experiences with clothes sizing been?

All clothes pictured are from New Look – Links below:

Khaki Dress –

Sandals –

Denim Culottes –

Jumpsuit no longer on website but there are plenty of similar jumpsuits:

Capsule Wardrobes: how the format can work for you

So, it’s safe to say that a pretty big talking point over the last couple of months is how we are consuming fast fashion. Just a little disclaimer that I am in no way an expert in avoiding fast fashion but I have found that by streamlining my wardrobe has been really useful. I know exactly what is in my wardrobe, know which items are best paired together and have found some hidden gems in the process of streamlining!

Over the years, I have always tended to do a summer and winter edit in my wardrobe, making sure that I’m not sifting through huge jumpers in my wardrobe to find what I want to wear when we’re in the 30 degree summer weather.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has always intrigued me, (tends to be around 30 different items of clothing that can work in all sorts of different outfits) and although the structure of items can be flexible, I’ve actually never got round to quantifying my clothes into that format structure. Through looking at my wardrobe, I’ve decided it’s all about the balance, and if you’ve made it through this long-winded intro, that’s what I’m going to talk about!!

If streamlining your wardrobe seems like the biggest task in the world, then the simplest way to start is to just get it all out. Sort it all into piles, try on items you haven’t worn in ages and definitely take the KonMari approach to looking at whether your clothing ‘sparks joy’. If that all sounds way too overwhelming, then I would definitely watch Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, as it’s actually kind of soothing to watch whilst giving me all the motivation to sort out my belongings at the same time!

The best bit about streamlining your wardrobe is finding those hidden gems, I’ve found that I’ve kept items that I adored to wear as instead of actually getting rid of them. Why not dig them out of the wardrobe if they’ve been there for so long eh? I’ve always had a black polo neck in the back of my wardrobe for years to use as an under-layer in super cold weather in the UK. But finding it through my summer/winter wardrobe switch up this year, has meant that I’ve worn it pretty much all season. Paired with some blue mom jeans, fake gucci belt, pair of converse, and I’m good to go.

*insert classic mirror pic here*

It’s also a lot easier to find where the gaps exist within your wardrobe through streamlining, and where you may need to invest in a new item. The basics are key for a capsule wardrobe, being the core item for your outfit. For me, when sorting through my winter jumpers, I found I had plenty that were patterned or striped but was missing a plain jumper in a neutral colour to be able to fit with the majority of outfits.

From finding the gaps in my wardrobe, it’s easier for me to piece outfits together and if you’re maybe not so fashion conscious (like myself), this is probably the biggest benefit. Knowing what’s in your wardrobe and what works well together, makes it so much easier to look put together in the mornings, especially if you’re limited on time!

Making the most of your wardrobe

Once you’ve streamlined your wardrobe, it’s the fun part now (technically, I probably enjoyed organising a bit too much!). Working out where the gaps are in your wardrobe can make it easier to piece outfits together in the long run, and if you’re a bit like me & not so fashion conscious, this is probably the biggest benefit of making the most of your wardobe!

Here’s a few of my ‘go-to’ outfits at the moment

Coloured blazers or jackets can make all the difference to a simple outfit of jeans, jumper & boots which is my standard autumn and winter uniform to be honest.

Pairing a patterned skirt with a black shirt, tights and boots fits the ‘smart-casual’ dress code pretty well, I’ve worn this to numerous occasions. The black blouse being a staple item all year round.

Finding the ‘jeans & a nice top’ dress code pretty easily with this striped blouse from Hollister (absolute bargain in the sale – £40 to £13!!). (shown on the right)

Hopefully I’ve given a bit of insight as to how easy it can be to make the ‘capsule wardrobe’ process work for you, by focusing on making on the most of your wardrobes, and in turn can reduce consumerism (and our bank balances!) in the process.

The ‘In-Between’ Size

Okay, so lets talk clothing sizes. Although I fit into clothes sizes that high street brands typically stock, I’ve always found that I’m never just ‘one’ size. One size is always slightly too big, the other is too small and on my last shopping trip, I brought four items of clothing in four different sizes! For a while, it did bother me as I’d take multiple sizes into the changing room, feel like I’m spending hours in there and still not be sure which size is fitting quite right.


Although it’s taking time with my own body confidence, I am definitely here for the #AverageGirlSize movement that I have began to see from my favourite people on Instagram and that in turn, has lifted my own confidence.

Figuring out your own style can help massively in terms of confidence, and this has taken some time too! There are many types of clothes that I thought I could never wear, but it is how you make them work for you. I’m more likely to wear a bigger top with shorts to feel more confident, or to wear floaty trousers instead of shorts in the summer.


Personally, I think it’s difficult if you are feeling insecure to accept your size, when there is no representation. Being an ‘in-between’ size, I have found this is often the case and online shopping tricky as the items I buy, will obviously not look the same on my body type as they do on the pictures of the model. So, my orders normally end up being a few items in multiple sizes, feeling disappointed when they don’t look right, resulting in time spent in the Post Office returns queue!

But, the fashion industry is changing and that’s incredible. The game-changer for me on my last shopping trip was Topshop jeans as I could buy my exact waist size. ASOS are leading the crowd online by using untouched photos of models for their swimwear and beginning to show what the same clothes look like on different sized models, which is the start of the representation for all sizes that will hopefully continue to thrive!

Body positivity is something that really needs to be encouraged, especially in an age of social media comparisons. Rather than nit-picking the negative parts of our bodies, we should be embracing the positives and wearing what we want to with pride!