Setting Self-Care Goals for 2020

Creating goals for the new year might seem a little cliche, but I’m here for it. Has anyone mentioned that we are starting a new decade?

Time feels like it is going a million miles an hour at the moment and being in my final year at university, the obvious goals for 2020 will be completing my degree and hopefully securing a job for after graduation. Quite a lot of pressure seems to be riding on this year, right?

I do really like the idea of ‘starting afresh’, opening up the chapter to the new year and setting goals is one of the ways to get my thoughts in order. Thinking about the year ahead has made me realise that I need to make time for myself, so the goals for me this year will be more simplistic but hopefully easier to keep on top of.

Yoga once a week. I started 2019 going to weekly yoga classes but had about 2/3 months where I didn’t do any. That time made me realise how much I’d missed it, so getting back into yoga classes at university has been so good (and kept me sane!). The plan is to set aside time every week to do yoga, whether that’s a class, a YouTube video or a combination of my favourite moves.

Reflect and Journal as much as possible. I’m not setting a ‘measurable’ on this one but hopefully it’ll become a habit. This year I started using a bullet journal (you can read about my September bullet journal here) and it was set out in a way to manage blog posts/university/mental health. I want to do more of this in 2020 as I find the process of setting out my journal creative and by reflecting over time, this should help get my thoughts in order. I’ve also started working my way through Fearne Cotton’s Happy and Calm books which I’m finding really good so far!

Read 20 Books. 20 books for 2020 right? I’m a pretty quick reader when I want to be and give me a good fiction book, I’ll plough through it as quickly as possible when I’m hooked. I read 10 books over July and August but as soon as I settled back into University, my reading definitely took a back seat. Setting a yearly target (as inspired by TheAnnaEdit) will work through the ebbs and flows of my motivation for reading. I’ll keep track of this on my instagram if that is something you’re interested in!

Healthy Eating. A few years ago, I decided that I need to scrap the ‘new years diet’. Typically, I became frustrated that I couldn’t stay on track. Over the years, I’ve learnt more about intuitive eating (Tally Rye has really good info on this!) and being a vegetarian has made me feel better. I’ve got used to the recipes I make regularly now so 2020 will be the year of exploring more recipes that will be healthy and delicious!

That’s all from me for 2019! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break and are feeling ready for the New Year. What are your goals/resolutions for 2020? Let me know how you get on!

Im x

October Bullet Journal

October is pretty much nearly here now & as I talked about in my last post (which you can read about here), I’m ready for the next chapter to start so my bullet journal is all prepped & ready to kick this off!

Title Page

Sticking with the orange/brown colour scheme this month, as I have attempted to draw autumn leaves throughout! I attempted some calligraphy for the ‘hello’, but kept the found fairly simple otherwise. Using quotes for the title page is one of my favourite ways so finding these ‘autumn’ quotes on pinterest fitted with the theme.

Monthly Spread

As I’ll be using my bullet journal for planning daily this month, I decided against a two page monthly spread. Using one page kept it simple & would be able to clearly show the important events.

Weekly Plan

This is the first time I’ll be using a weekly plan in my bullet journal & with uni lectures starting on 30th Sept, it will definitely be well used! Keeping it simple again (& still attempting to draw autumn leaves). Separating the weeks by pages seems to work well & the box size is 12×12, enough space to write down plans.

For the final week, the month finishes on a Thursday so I have used the ‘Friday’ & ‘Weekend’ box for Next Month & Highlights from the month.

Blog Post Plan

The blog post plan has been one of my most used pages over the last few months. The ideas page works well for ideas either for this month or what I think would work well in the future. This means that 1. I’m less likely to run out of ideas & 2. I can see when they will work best in the month’s timeline. It seems to be working so far, especially through using the W P L I T V checks (Written, Photos, Live, Instagram, Twitter, Views) as I can be tracking, if I’m halfway through writing a post & need photos or what content is being liked the most!

I’ve skipped using the exercise tracker this month as I’m going to record Gym or Swim in my weekly spread.

Bullet journal set up all ready for October (not entirely sure how this year is going so fast!). How have you planned for this month?

Im x

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September Bullet Journal

So hello September! You’ve rolled around without me really noticing after spending last week away in Scotland. But I’m ready to get back to some sort of routine. Luckily, I’d planned ahead & had my September bullet journal mapped out ready to go once I’d returned from holiday, so let’s have a look at how I’m going to use it in September!

The pages I used in August are pretty much the same in September, as university term won’t start until right until the end of the month. I found the pages worked well throughout August for planning blog posts, tracking exercise etc. So we are still keeping it simple with the pages, but for October, I will be incorporating a weekly diary for lectures, seminars, deadlines etc.

But for September, there’s a bit more of an ‘autumnal’ theme for the title page & monthly calendar. Can we also please appreciate that my calligraphy has got *slightly* better?! I’ve included key dates at the bottom of the mini calendar as reminders.

I really like the way the title page looks, it sets the tone for the next season & Pinterest becomes your best friend when searching for bullet journal themes!!

Following on from the title page is the monthly spread. I’ve used 6×6 squares for each day of the month & used the theme colours to follow through the theme. I’ve used the space on the right hand side to write down my goals for the month. The two main goals for September are completing the sponsored walk next weekend & my ongoing book challenge, but as university starts next month, deadlines will most likely take up this section!!

The blog post ‘scheduler’ page is next up (as you can tell from the monthly spread pens on the other page!). This has been really vital over August & is one of the main reasons for using my bullet journal at the moment. The ‘ideas’ section works well for jotting down what I might wright about & once decided, it’s planned out on the ‘schedule’ section. Over September, I’m aiming for a post every Monday as you can see from my bullet points reminders!!

The final two pages are for tracking after trialling the pages in August, I found it was a good way of recognising what I had done. Personally, I can get a bit demotivated with exercise & I’ve found that it’s good to keep track to look back at what I’ve done over a month.

I’ve recently set myself a ‘book challenge’ to throw myself back into reading again. I’ve always loved reading & it’s definitely good to get myself immersed in a good book, taking time away from phone/laptop etc. Keeping track worked well over August & meant I achieved my target of 10 books! (I know it might sound a bit mad but promise i’m a quick read & not making it up). For the rest of the year, I will have less time than I have had in August so the aim is 5 books a month from now on. The plan for September is to write a few thoughts about each book, so I can actually start to update my Good Reads account!

The To-Read section should help me keeping the ball rolling & I’m always open to book recommendations so please let me know!

And there we have it! Still a very simple design for this month, but next should be more student/work focused.

What do you use your bullet journal for?

Im x

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Capsule Wardrobes: how the format can work for you

So, it’s safe to say that a pretty big talking point over the last couple of months is how we are consuming fast fashion. Just a little disclaimer that I am in no way an expert in avoiding fast fashion but I have found that by streamlining my wardrobe has been really useful. I know exactly what is in my wardrobe, know which items are best paired together and have found some hidden gems in the process of streamlining!

Over the years, I have always tended to do a summer and winter edit in my wardrobe, making sure that I’m not sifting through huge jumpers in my wardrobe to find what I want to wear when we’re in the 30 degree summer weather.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has always intrigued me, (tends to be around 30 different items of clothing that can work in all sorts of different outfits) and although the structure of items can be flexible, I’ve actually never got round to quantifying my clothes into that format structure. Through looking at my wardrobe, I’ve decided it’s all about the balance, and if you’ve made it through this long-winded intro, that’s what I’m going to talk about!!

If streamlining your wardrobe seems like the biggest task in the world, then the simplest way to start is to just get it all out. Sort it all into piles, try on items you haven’t worn in ages and definitely take the KonMari approach to looking at whether your clothing ‘sparks joy’. If that all sounds way too overwhelming, then I would definitely watch Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, as it’s actually kind of soothing to watch whilst giving me all the motivation to sort out my belongings at the same time!

The best bit about streamlining your wardrobe is finding those hidden gems, I’ve found that I’ve kept items that I adored to wear as instead of actually getting rid of them. Why not dig them out of the wardrobe if they’ve been there for so long eh? I’ve always had a black polo neck in the back of my wardrobe for years to use as an under-layer in super cold weather in the UK. But finding it through my summer/winter wardrobe switch up this year, has meant that I’ve worn it pretty much all season. Paired with some blue mom jeans, fake gucci belt, pair of converse, and I’m good to go.

*insert classic mirror pic here*

It’s also a lot easier to find where the gaps exist within your wardrobe through streamlining, and where you may need to invest in a new item. The basics are key for a capsule wardrobe, being the core item for your outfit. For me, when sorting through my winter jumpers, I found I had plenty that were patterned or striped but was missing a plain jumper in a neutral colour to be able to fit with the majority of outfits.

From finding the gaps in my wardrobe, it’s easier for me to piece outfits together and if you’re maybe not so fashion conscious (like myself), this is probably the biggest benefit. Knowing what’s in your wardrobe and what works well together, makes it so much easier to look put together in the mornings, especially if you’re limited on time!

Making the most of your wardrobe

Once you’ve streamlined your wardrobe, it’s the fun part now (technically, I probably enjoyed organising a bit too much!). Working out where the gaps are in your wardrobe can make it easier to piece outfits together in the long run, and if you’re a bit like me & not so fashion conscious, this is probably the biggest benefit of making the most of your wardobe!

Here’s a few of my ‘go-to’ outfits at the moment

Coloured blazers or jackets can make all the difference to a simple outfit of jeans, jumper & boots which is my standard autumn and winter uniform to be honest.

Pairing a patterned skirt with a black shirt, tights and boots fits the ‘smart-casual’ dress code pretty well, I’ve worn this to numerous occasions. The black blouse being a staple item all year round.

Finding the ‘jeans & a nice top’ dress code pretty easily with this striped blouse from Hollister (absolute bargain in the sale – £40 to £13!!). (shown on the right)

Hopefully I’ve given a bit of insight as to how easy it can be to make the ‘capsule wardrobe’ process work for you, by focusing on making on the most of your wardrobes, and in turn can reduce consumerism (and our bank balances!) in the process.