11 Reflections on My University Experience

Four years ago, I spent the summer stressing about whether I’d received a place to study at the University of Birmingham. If only I could go back and tell my 18 year-old self that it was going to be fine and that I would be graduating with a first class degree in four years time (yay!!).

University was always in my plan, the next step. I visited so many university open days, mainly as an interesting day out, but also to think about what life could be like there. When you find the right university for you, you’ll know.

Now it’s four years on, what have I learnt?

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How I’m Navigating my Final Year of University

If someone could tell me where the last 3 years have gone, that would be great. I can’t believe that I will (hopefully!) be graduating in the summer. It only seems like yesterday that I was actually getting ready to embark on the big adventure as such. Who knew I was going to fall in love with the city of Birmingham? (Not everyone’s cup of tea though I know).

Final year can bring quite a bit of pressure. It feels like time is running out and you’ve got deadlines, seminar reading, class tests, job applications, friendships, fun, health and wellness all to juggle in one go. Talk about spinning a few plates at a time. Mainly it’s pressure that I’m putting on myself, I want to get the best grades possible but have the best time too. I’m getting by (I think?), so here’s how I’m attempting to navigate my final year at university.

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